A rumor about the premiere date of the GTA 6 trailer appeared online, but it's most likely a fake

17 October 2023

A new rumor about GTA 6 has surfaced online, in which the author talked about the trailer, specifying the exact date of its premiere. The information appeared on 4chan, so there's a high chance it's a fake.

Nevertheless, many news channels on social network X (Twitter) didn't ignore this rumor, according to which, the GTA 6 trailer will be shown on October 26.

Here's what the author of this rumor claims:

  • The trailer lasts one and a half minutes;
  • A funk genre song plays in it;
  • The trailer shows Lucia (the main heroine), who says: «This city has a way of getting under your skin and stealing your soul, you know?»;
  • Also, the trailer features Jason (the second main character), who says: «Yeah, but who cares?»;
  • The trailer includes a scene in a nightclub, a carnival, a Ferris wheel, fireworks, a police chase, a parachutist, an alligator, drag racing, horse racing, fishing, a beach party, a lifeguard on the water, and a man falling from a lighthouse.
  • The release date is not mentioned.

Remember, gamers previously found a possible GTA 6 teaser in a GTA Online screenshot.

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