New GTA 6 rumors reveal criminal activities and released date

23 September 2023

New rumors about GTA 6 continue to surface online. Recently, information about the year the game might be released has been revealed. This became known thanks to leaked Microsoft documents, but Rockstar Games has not yet commented officially.

If this information is to be believed, GTA 6 is planned to be released in 2024. According to other rumors, activities inspired by real-life robberies and immigrant smuggling will be added to the game. Details have not been disclosed.

As a reminder, we recently published a full breakdown of all available information about Grand Theft Auto 6. In the article, we talked about the possible announcement date, setting, main characters, and gameplay innovations.

Meanwhile, an in-game event is taking place in GTA Online in honor of the tenth anniversary of GTA 5, where gamers can expect rewards.

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