GTA 6 fan storms Gamescom stage to find out the game's release date

23 August 2023

Many fans are tired of waiting for any news on GTA 6. Rockstar Games announced the development of the game last year. In the same year there was a major leak of the game files, but after that players did not receive any official information about the upcoming project. It would be a good idea to show the first GTA 6 trailer at a major show such as gamescon 2023, which is currently taking place in Germany.

Unfortunately, GTA 6 has not appeared at the exhibition yet. A random guy wanted to correct this injustice and ran on stage to ask the host about the game's release date. He received no response and was immediately removed from the stage.

The fan has been performing such actions since 2021 and has previously appeared on several German TV shows with questions about GTA 6.

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