There Will Be 12 Cities and Towns in GTA 6, Insider Claims

27 March 2023

Since GTA 6 has been leaked, we've received new details about the upcoming game only from insiders and dataminers. In a thread on Reddit, user ‘Tusstaster’ published a list of 12 settlements that could appear in GTA 6.

The full list of towns and cities:

  • Vice City;
  • Port Gellhorn;
  • Ambrosia;
  • Redhill;
  • LO;
  • Sundown;
  • Copperhead;
  • Yorktown;
  • Lake Leonida;
  • Ekanfinika;
  • Hamlet;
  • Domed Hills.

We previously assumed that Lake Leonida is the name of a lake in GTA 6. But the insider claims that it is a settlement. ‘Tusstaster’ also believes that the game's map will include forest, several strip malls and hotels, and even drag racing tracks.

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