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GTA 6 leak includes multiplayer test footage, established data miner says

21 February 2023

Established dataminer Tez2 has discovered GTA 6 leaked video mentioning the upcoming game's online mode. The leaked footage shows the multiplayer test and reveals many interesting details.

Tez2 pointed out the video clip "Americas_1 2022-05-24 17-19-42". In the bottom left corner it says "PL: 2/32", which is 2 players in a 32 player lobby. It's actually a 30-player lobby, but with two spectator slots, like in GTA Online and Red Dead Online. Next to it we can see "SH: PR_RSN1", which is the script host. And right after that is "GM H: PR_RSN1", which the dataminer believes, is referred to as the game master or session host.

Tez2 noted that the video is from May 2022. So structural changes, such as increasing the maximum player limit, should be made much earlier.

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