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The journalist confirmed the arrest of a 17-year-old hacker who leaked GTA 6

25 September 2022

On September 23, the London police announced the arrest of a 17-year-old hacker. Fans associated the GTA 6 leak with him, but this information had no confirmation. The reputable Reuters journalist Matthew Keys said on Twitter that the detained teenager was indeed related to the hacking of Rockstar Games.

I've confirmed the 17-year-old arrested in Oxfordshire for the cyber attack on Rockstar and Uber is the same teenager that was arrested earlier this year for hacking Microsoft and Nvidia. The teen associates with a group called "Lapsus$." Additional arrests expected.
— Matthew Keys

Matthew Keyes said that later the police will provide more detailed information about the arrest of the 17-year-old hacker, and there also might be the statement from the FBI.

The author of the leak has not logged into his Telegram account for several days. Before being banned on GTAForums, he said that Lily Howarth was his only true page on Telegram.

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