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Detailed analysis of GTA 6 leak

18 September 2022

The leak of GTA 6 files looks extremely credible. It is almost impossible to perform such an amount of work for a fake. Today we will analyze the most significant moments related to locations, characters, transport and other aspects of a possible Grand Theft Auto 6 leak.

Setting — Vice City

It's not difficult to recognize your favorite places by their sites. It is a tropical Vice City that has grown larger. The setting is modern.

Names of locations

Main characters — a young man and a girl

Their names are Jason and Lucia (Latin American).

Character changing.


Aiming and moving with a gun.

Weapon selection.

Equipment and interface.

Gun fight.

Weapons in both hands.

Shooting from a car.


The insides and car physics.

Vice City subway


A hovercraft.

NPC dialogues

Night club

Police pursuit

New physics

Skirt animation.

Carrying a body.




Shooting underwater.

Mission constructor

Other details

Working cameras on the streets.

Probably smoking, like in RDR 2.

The local messenger called WhatUp!

Buying a chewing gum.

RDR 2 dialogue options. You are offered to rob a woman or to scare her.

Clouds. On the left is RDR 2, on the right is the leak.

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