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GTA 6 Will Be Announced Soon, Multiple Insiders Claims

9 May 2022

Something is definitely brewing in insiders circles. Multiple leakers claimed that soon enough there will be a waterfall of GTA 6 info.

Actor El NitrO 56 replied to one of insiders that may is full of surprises. He also mentioned that GTA 6 story will be presented in one city but in two timelines. His Twitter account was followed by Rockstar Games and some fans think he could be involved.

Raper KRYPTO9095 announced a new game release with a tweet and Rockstar Games sticker. He simple said that GTA 6 will be released soon. He also claimed the game will be huge in 2023.

Insider GTA 6 NEWS & LEAKS even claimed a GTA 6 trailer release date. He claims it will be presented on March, 13 of 2022.

Let's just wait and see.

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