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Insider: GTA 6 trailer will be released in 2023

20 February 2022

Data miner and insider TezFunz replied to a message from a player who suggested that the GTA trailer 6 will be presented this year. According to TezFunz' sources, Rockstar Games may show a trailer for the new part of Grand Theft Auto at the end of 2023.

Heard from reliable friends months ago that the deadline was a Holiday 2023 release (Oct — Dec), but can always slip into early 2024. Of course that's months old information, could have changed by now. You should go with the expectation that it will be delayed just in case.
— TezFunz

The data miner also explained when the company will begin more active work on GTA 6.

The development shall ramp up this year, once Rockstar is done with E&E. The next title always kept being mentioned last year in terms of upcoming projects, so most of Rockstar likely shifted into working on GTA6.
— TezFunz
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