Fans are worried about possible NFT in GTA 6

18 February 2022

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said that NFT could be implemented in company's future projects. He has announced this to investors in early February. NFT technology, which received wide publicity last year, is the ability to purchase digital collectibles and content for real money. And many GTA fans are not happy about this.

I'm guessing Rockstar/T2 didnt learn after Ubisoft launched their NFT brand. They've already lost a huge amount of sales and received so much hate. Most likely Rockstar would suffer the same fate if they pushed this. No-one fucking asked for NFT's, no one likes them.
— Reddit User Bad_DecisionSM

Of course, its the CEO just shows interest in new ways of creating revenue for Take-Two, but we hope that Rockstar Games will defend the classic Grand Theft Auto formula without NFT and aggressive microtransactions.

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