New GTA 6 map reportedly leaked

13 May 2021

Passionate fans of Rockstar Games are waiting for any news on GTA 6, that's why every possible leak are getting massive exposure. So it happens another insider posted on 4chan a new part of the possible GTA 6 map. Some of that was posted about 3 years ago.

New GTA 6 map reportedly leaked

On this map we can see a big city and the huge countryside with some marshes. The map was obviously inspired by the state of Florida. In addition to that the approach of the design is not that far from what we saw in GTA 5. Some Rockstar Games' previous leaks which were later confirmed made players actively discuss this new map.

New GTA 6 map reportedly leaked

Also all parts of the map that were posted previously on 4chan are connected. If you place them near each other the island become whole. This new image is a picture captured with phone camera, so it's a little blurry. And as always take these leaks with a grain of salt.

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