GTA 6 trailer remade in other GTAs, Minecraft, RDR, Watch Dogs, and even real life

1 March 2024

Not so many announcements cause as massive a surge of interest as the new Grand Theft Auto. But fans, upon seeing the first GTA 6 trailer, went further, reimagining it in the context of other popular games. We’ve compiled a collection where the trailer’s events are recreated based on Minecraft, Red Dead Redemption, Watch Dogs, other GTA games, and even in real life.

First GTA 6 Trailer

To start with, in case anyone forgot, the first trailer of the next GTA. From it, we learned about Vice City, admired its magnificent views, the beautiful life in the city center, scenes with NPCs on the beach and in the ghetto, and a couple of main characters making their way to fame.
So, how can all this look in other games?

Mine Craft Auto

Minecraft is an excellent base for interpreting any games, GTA is no exception. The video below is the result of a lot of work to recreate the original trailer, using only the capabilities of the game. That means some complex backgrounds or objects from the first trailer were taken and then simply blurred:

If you prefer a careful use of the footage, the next video will please you more, as it strictly follows the Minecraft style while frame-by-frame preserving the original trailer. Herobrine and zombies serve as fun references:

Grand Red Auto Redemption

The latest creation of Rockstar to date — Red Dead Redemption 2 — is forever in the hearts of fans. Therefore, they began to shuffle the frames of the game in different ways, trying to compose from them the first trailer of GTA 6, if its events took place 200 years ago. We've selected a couple of works that, in our opinion, are the most successful:

Last of Theft Auto

This interpretation was bound to appear. How could Grand Theft Auto with its lively gameplay look in the post-apocalyptic landscapes of The Last of Us? It turned out very cool, although New York from the first part doesn’t really resemble Miami:

Flight Theft Simulator

The GTA 6 trailer has one feature — almost all the footage in it is shot up close. Usually, the first video for a new game is filled with wide areas and flights at a considerable height. Microsoft Flight Simulator can help implement something similar. From a bird’s eye view, you can enjoy the view of Vice City (Miami) and all the surroundings of the state of Leonida (Florida), including famous beaches, forests, and swamps. The world of the flight simulator looks good, and the bad boy and bad girl here are planes in the air.

Grand Theft Punk 2077

In its time, CD Projekt RED was inspired by the GTA series, which it has repeatedly admitted to the fans. Yes, not everything went smoothly with Cyberpunk 2077. But if you compare their footage, both games seem to complement each other, regardless of the setting or cybernetic enhancements. Action, chases, shooting, club life, trips around the world on different transport from Cyberpunk 2077 perfectly replaced the frames of the future GTA:

Watch Dogs Auto

Throughout its history, Rockstar has seen numerous projects claiming that they would match or surpass GTA. Among them is Ubisoft's Watch Dogs, only with hacking, followers on social networks, and tolerant jokes. Things turned out differently, but that's history now. Importantly, the series still has an active community that dared to record the GTA 6 trailer in the style of the first and second parts:

GTA within your GTA

Each GTA was an event and each subsequent GTA tried to launch on the old one. We’re talking about GTA 4 on the GTA 5 engine and similar "remakes". With GTA 6, in essence, the same story. Here’s what it might look like based on the fifth installment:

However, fans went even further and tried to shoot the trailer even based on GTA 4:

Naturally, there was no way without trying to reshoot the first GTA 6 trailer based on its predecessor — Vice City. There are almost 30 years between them, but it turned out identical: the same locations, buildings, and iconic places are recognized. However, it could not have been otherwise:

Interestingly, even San Andreas can start to look in the spirit of GTA 6. That's how faithful Rockstar is to its traditions:

Grand Test Auto by Hyundai

One of the most unexpected remakes is the transformation of the Hyundai Rally Team into video game heroes trying to conquer the rally championship:

LEGO Theft Auto

The LEGO game series from TT Games itself has repeatedly parodied cult games, including Grand Theft Auto. But we’re not talking about the game, but about the original LEGO(c) figures. It's with their help that the trailer was recreated, and it turned out almost frame by frame, and where it wasn't possible, the creators found original solutions:

Miami VICE

The iconic series "Miami Vice" is no less suitable than others for reshooting the GTA 6 trailer. In this case — just reassembled known or suitable scenes:

Attempts to transfer the GTA 6 trailer to other game worlds and even reality not only highlight the inventiveness of fans, but also prove how eagerly they await the next GTA. Over the time that has passed since 2013, we have seen many great games — GTA 6 could compete with any of them. But only 2025 will quench the thirst for a new part of Grand Theft Auto. The game will first be released on PS5 and XSX consoles.

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