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21 December 2023
Mad Knight

Gameplay features are perhaps one of the biggest mysteries of the upcoming GTA 6. The short first trailer showed not much new, but we still got some information. In this article we will discuss everything we know about GTA 6 gameplay.


So, let's start with the main thing — two playable characters. Perhaps, there will be more, but so far we know only about Lucia and Jason. And from the trailer we get the impression that the focus is on the girl, while the guy is rather an additional participant of the events. However, it can be deceptive. Let's remember the developers' decision in Red Dead Redemption 2, when the main character was changed because of plot events. In GTA 6, the writers can go further and make whole pieces of the story, where the hero will be only one, while a little later the couple will be reunited again.

In the picture, you can see that Lucia has a bracelet on her leg. Such devices help keep track of people serving a sentence of house arrest. It looks like part of the plot will take place in a limited area.

Plus, we've seen several types of police at once, from the Coast Guard to the Department of Corrections. It's still unclear if the different uniforms and powers will affect the gameplay features of the law enforcement officers, but we hope so.

The basic gameplay is unlikely to change dramatically. As in other games in the series, we will perform various tasks and errands, steal cars and purchase weapons. However, there is something new — the value of robberies will increase significantly. Literally any supermarket can be robbed, which will lead to a series of microscenes that will not be related to the story quests.

The ability to hide your face with a mask or blindfold will return. The mechanics showed itself well in Red Dead Redemption 2, but in the novelty it can be seriously deepened. If Rockstar Games will still be able to implement a system in which all NPCs will remember you, "shine" your face will become very undesirable.

Changes to the open world

Another important gameplay change is the increased traffic of people and transportation. At the same time, each NPC acts and behaves differently. Gait, clothing, figure, and even behavior differs. In some shots you can see that the inhabitants of the city interact with each other, for example, taking pictures, passing bottles with drinks and so on. Before that, most NPCs in GTA were independent units that moved separately even in a crowd. In addition, each item in hand has its own purpose and functionality. We will not be surprised if you can take away cell phones as the game progresses.

However, this is not all the changes that have taken place in the open world. For example, you can notice that sand, water and other structural elements react to different states (wet or dry), as well as added detail. In addition, they always leave traces on them. Even in the sky after a passing airplane still hangs a trace for some time.

It has already been confirmed that many buildings will be allowed to be entered. This opens up an incredible amount of imagination and will, in theory, allow for domestication.

A huge map means changing biomes. It will almost certainly be possible to find yourself in the wilderness and start surviving. It's unclear how deeply Rockstar Games has decided to elaborate on the protagonists' stats, but there will definitely be a semblance of Red Dead Redemption 2 in modern times. A large number of animals hints at the possibility of hunting and fishing, as well as searching for rare specimens.

The city is torn apart by a variety of factions and organizations. We counted 9 new titles and a couple already seen in previous games. It seems that working for different OCGs, whose interests sometimes directly contradict each other, will be another gameplay feature. A respect system or influence pumping has not yet been confirmed.

Social networking will play a much bigger role. We spotted some sort of TikTok analog, with images in which the format changes several times (available on phones and computers?). There's your own emoji, the ability to enable live streaming, and the ability to upload a short video. The potential of the mechanics is not fully known, but you can count on something interesting.

Additional features

Of the unusual it is worth noting more elaborate physics, including the behavior of cars and people in them. For example, when drifting, the deformation of tires is noticeable, and Lucia sticks to the frame of the door. In one of the frames, you can spot a man at a gas station. Probably now will also have to watch the amount of fuel. From the transport, crashed during the accident, the victims are trying to crawl out, and the standard movement shows changes in the muscles and creases on the clothes.

The detailing of materials has been seriously changed. For example, there is a noticeable difference in the paint job on cars. This indirectly confirms the new destructibility system, when differently composed objects will react differently.

Developers have worked out different light sources, so incandescent bulbs light up quite differently than LEDs. Weather conditions also matter. For example, navigating the water on the windy side is a bit more difficult due to large waves, while in calm waters it is a great way to save time.


There's a lot more to learn about GTA 6. We hope that the game will not disappoint and will provide a truly new experience. All information that will appear about the gameplay of the hit will be added later.

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