Weapons in GTA 6

20 December 2023
Mad Knight

Guns are an important part of any GTA. Games series has always had a solid arsenal of guns, which later still and expanded by the forces of modders. In GTA 6 the situation should be no worse. Already in the first trailer we found six different guns and now we will tell about them all known information.

Since the game parameters of weapons we have for obvious reasons do not have, while we will describe what is known about the real prototypes.

M4 Carbine

An assault rifle that is immediately recognizable to everyone in the United States. M4 is a variant of M16 rifle, but with shorter barrel and telescopic buttstock. There are other differences, but they are not important for us.

The range of the rifle is about 500-600 meters, which makes it quite a formidable weapon. The carbine has become an integral part of the equipment of the US Special Forces, and now the whole army. All this thanks to its convenience and small size.

Taurus PT92AF

A cheaper copy of the Beretta, which underwent many modifications and changes.

Today, the Taurus PT92AF is a serious gun with a 17-round magazine. This 9mm semi-automatic pistol is very comfortable in hand and looks stylish.

Sig Sauer P220

One of the most popular pistols among US police officers, as well as special forces in many countries around the world.

This semi-automatic pistol is available in several versions — with 7, 8 and 10 round magazines.


The semi-automatic pistol, developed in 1908, replaced revolvers.

Of course, in GTA 6 will be an updated version, but this gun with a rich history, which is still considered by many to be one of the best representatives of the art of arms.

Glock 19

Another pistol that shone in the trailer is the Glock 19.

This is a more compact model of the Glock 17, which is popular for its combination of size and firepower. A bonus is that the magazine can be enlarged. The Glock 19 has earned a reputation for being one of the most convenient barrels for concealed carry.

HK P2000

The full name of this pistol is the Heckler & Koch P2000.

The German weapon was first shown in 2001 and immediately gained fame as one of the most reliable barrels of modern times. The pistol is characterized by a balance between combat power, accuracy and speed. It is still actively used in Europe.

Beretta Px4 Storm

Another well-known gun among connoisseurs and another semi-automatic pistol.

The barrel is very light, but can hold a magazine of 20 rounds. The barrel is very light, but it can hold 20 rounds, and the recoil is minimal, which helps to improve accuracy.


So far the list is small, and the characteristics are unknown, but we will immediately update the article when the information appears.

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