GTA 6 Secrets and Easter Eggs

18 December 2023

In almost every game of Rockstar Games can be found secrets, easter eggs and references not only to past projects of the studio, but also to real people, various life events or even viral videos. In this material collected all the passhalts and secrets in Grand Theft Auto 6, known to LibertyCity to date.

Vice City — Miami

Vice City in GTA 6 is depicted with a style inspired by the Miami of our time: with bright neon signs, art deco, modernist buildings and skyscrapers. The fictional city is also famous for its wide sandy beaches and clear blue waters, a reference to the famous beaches of Miami Beach.

Like Miami, Vice City has a tropical climate and is surrounded by waterways, including Everglades-like swamps and mangroves. Both Vice City and Miami's culture reflects a mix of Hispanic and American influences with an emphasis on nightlife, fashion, and music. In both locations, the themes include elements of crime, trafficking in illegal substances and police chases, which is often a key plot feature in GTA games.

Everglades Park

In one of the shots in the first GTA 6 trailer, we are shown a swampy park, which is surely a reference to the real-life Everglades Park in Florida, USA. It is known for its extensive swamps and mangroves. Here, visitors can explore the area in airboats that are capable of navigating through shallow water and dense vegetation — the same kind of transportation was shown in the game's trailer.

Such means of transportation in Grand Theft Auto 6 emphasizes the developers' desire for realism and detailed elaboration of the game world, which allows gamers to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the virtual analog of Florida.

Bonnie and Clyde

Thanks to the official trailer and several leaks, we know that the game will have at least two main characters — a man and a woman, which is reminiscent of the Bonnie and Clyde duo. This will be a novelty for the GTA series, especially a female protagonist. From the trailer, we learned that the protagonists are likely to be a couple whose romantic relationship could play a key role in the development of the plot and character motivations.

Like Bonnie and Clyde, the main characters are involved in a series of robberies and other criminal activities that attract the attention of the public and law enforcement. That said, elements of Bonnie and Clyde's story can be adapted to the current time while maintaining the themes of love relationships and criminal paths, creating interesting and dramatic twists and turns in the plot.

The old lady with the hammers

GTA 6 probably refers to funny and absurd situations that sometimes happen in real life and go viral on the internet. The elderly lady with two hammers in her hands is a direct reference to a viral video made in the US a few years earlier. It shows a woman with two hammers in her hands threatening her neighbors. An old lady in the trailer does the same.

Whether this character will appear in the game as a key or minor character is not known at the moment. Perhaps, some quest will be connected with the grandmother or we will see her in story cutscenes.

Twerking Girl

The shots with a twerking girl on the roof of a car in the GTA 6 trailer are a reference to the video that went viral on social networks. The game's developers may have used the scene to emphasize Vice City's eccentric and free-spirited lifestyle, similar to the spirit of Miami. The caption, «Someone call the Department of Transportation about this dump truck» reinforces the comical nature of the situation.

Man at gas station

The episode with a policeman trying to chase down a naked man at a gas station may be an allusion to a similar real-life incident, although the game presents the situation with a humorous twist. In real life, the offender did not run away from the cops, but complied with their demands and lay down behind the ground.

Crocodile in the pool

In the first trailer of GTA 6 we can observe a crocodile in the pool of a private house. This gameplay detail is probably taken from real-life news reports that describe how wild alligators regularly become uninvited guests and even get into private water bodies. It's impossible to say for sure exactly what news story or video Rockstar was inspired by when creating this scene, but it could epitomize a frequent occurrence in both Miami and the entire state of Florida.

Alligator in the store

While small crocodiles most often make their way into city pools in search of water, large alligators can be found right on city streets, as well as in other unexpected places. Developers from Rockstar Games clearly touch upon the theme of coexistence of wildlife and urban environment, because in the trailer we see how a large crocodile leisurely enters a city store or cafe.

This scene is reminiscent of real life situations in Florida, where encounters with alligators in unusual places are not uncommon and can cause both fright and curiosity among locals and tourists. It emphasizes not only the picturesqueness and exoticism of the game world, but also the potential dangers that may await the player in the most unexpected places, for example, when meeting a hungry alligator while visiting local establishments.

Naked man

Another interesting scene that we could see in the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer is an almost completely naked man watering his lawn. It's funny, but something like this can also be tracked in the news reports of the state of Florida. However, in the trailer the hero is at least in his underwear, while in real life the guy was watering his lawn completely naked.

Florida Joker

The next reference may also have to do with a real person living in Florida. On social media and news reports, we could see an inmate in prison garb with a fully tattooed, Joker-like face. In the trailer, we see a similar character, however the tattoos on his face are very different from the "original".

The man has already approached Rockstar Games about his appearance in GTA 6. As of today it is unknown how the proceedings will end, but we will keep you informed and will be sure to update you with new information.

Social Network (Reels, YouTube Shorts or TikTok)

According to the leaked data we know for sure that Grand Theft Auto 6 will have its own social network like TikTok or YouTube Shorts. It will be distributed with various viral videos, which we could see in the first trailer of the game. It is still unknown whether the player will be able to record and post videos himself, as well as maintain his own page in the social network.

Red Dead Redemption criminal

Interestingly, Rockstar Games included a small reference to their other popular game, Red Dead Redemption, in the GTA 6 trailer. One of the final shots shows an image of a mustachioed man who looks like a wanted criminal in RDR. Whether he will actually be present in the game or if it's just a small passphrase is still unclear.

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