GTA 6 City and Locations

18 December 2023

The main city in GTA 6 will be familiar to many and favorite fans of the series Vice City. It is made in bright colors with azure beaches, giant skyscrapers and wide highways. At night, the city transforms into a world of neon lights, hiding the dangers and secrets of the underworld. We have collected for you all available information about Vice City, which is available LibertyCity at the moment, so you can learn more about this unique and multifaceted city Grand Theft Auto 6.

Leonida — Florida

The fictional state of Leonida, similar to Florida, will be presented as a place with a tropical climate, abundant greenery, beaches and swamps — exactly what we saw in the first trailer of the game. It will also include Florida-specific elements such as palm trees and rainforests.

Just as Florida is known for its tourist attractions, including Disney World and many beaches, Leonida will surely become a center of tourism and entertainment with various attractions and resorts.

While Florida is famous for cities like Miami, Orlando and Tampa, Leonida will also be home to some major urban centers, each with its own unique character and features, such as Vice City.

Florida is a multicultural state with a large Hispanic population, which is also reflected in Leonidas, representing the diversity of cultures and ethnic groups.

So, what about crime? Florida's well-known problem with the trafficking of illegal substances and organized crime is sure to be reflected in Leonidas as well, highlighting the darker sides of city life.

Vice City — Miami

Vice City's architecture reflects the Art Deco style that characterizes Miami's Art Deco Historic District. The buildings of both cities are characterized by bright colors, neon signs and unique geometric shapes.

Vice City's nightlife, with its clubs, bars and restaurants, mirrors Miami's bustling nightlife. After all, they are known for their energy, music, culture and partying until the wee hours of the morning. Both cities play a big role in the tourism and entertainment economy, but also the dark side in the form of organized crime and the trafficking of illegal drugs.

Miami is known for its cultural diversity, especially the Latino and Caribbean communities, which is also reflected in Vice City. Both Miami and Vice City place great emphasis on automobile transportation, with a network of highways and bridges connecting different parts of the city.

Vice Beach — Miami Beach

Parallels can be drawn here between the fictional Vice Beach and the real Miami Beach, which are known for their picturesque white sand beaches and bright blue waters. Beach culture is a key part of the lifestyle, attracting tourists and locals for sunbathing, swimming and water sports.

Miami Beach is a popular tourist destination with many hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and stores. Weiss Beach is also depicted in the game as a place with a vibrant nightlife and a variety of entertainment, emphasizing the carefree and fun atmosphere.

Like Miami Beach, Vice City is surrounded by other neighborhoods and attractions, making it part of a larger urban infrastructure with diverse cultural and social features.

Vice City Port

The Port of Miami is one of the largest and most active ports in the United States, serving as an important center for international trade and cruise ships. The virtual port of Vice City Port is also sure to become a major economic hub with a busy activity.

Given the criminal theme of the GTA, the Vice City port could serve as a location for a variety of illegal activities, including smuggling and other shady deals.

Waning Sands — Sunny Isles

Like Sunny Isles, Waning Sands is a coastal area characterized by its beaches, beach culture and entertainment by the water. Sunny Isles is known for luxury apartment complexes and hotels. Weynin Sands is depicted in the game as a neighborhood with upscale residential buildings, luxury hotels and private villas.

Sunny Isles has various stores, restaurants and entertainment venues, and similar infrastructure is also certain to be present in Weynin Sands, emphasizing its status.

Given the overall theme of the GTA, Weynin Sands may reflect a more dramatic and eccentric version of Sunny Isles, with elements of crime, nightlife and unique characters adding an extra layer of exploration to the game world.

Other neighborhoods and locations shown in the trailer are

  • Hamlet;
  • Stockyard;
  • Port Gellhorn — Mix of Panama City and other panhandle cities;
  • Vice-Dale County — Miami-Dade County;
  • Kelly County — Lee County;
  • Leonard County — Broward County;
  • Vice City International Airport — Miami International Airport;
  • Club Space nightclub;
  • Ocean View Hotel;
  • Boardwalk Hotel;
  • Hotel Neptune;
  • Hotel Dixon;
  • Jack of Hearts Strip Club (parody of King of Diamonds Strip Club in Miami);
  • Se Habla Espanol «What's cooking».
  • Peewees Diner.

GTA 6 Preview Map

Preliminary map of Grand Theft Auto 6, collected by users of the network, is an island washed by blue-green waters, with a diverse landscape and numerous urban areas. In its central part is a large city with dense development, reminiscent of the atmosphere of Vice City, including high-rise buildings intertwined with a network of roads and bridges. To the east and west, the city transitions into coastal neighborhoods with lower development.

The northern part of the map is more open areas with lower building density, indicating farms or conservation areas. The south contains sandy beaches and small islands. Roads and bridges provide access to all parts of the island, while remote areas may only be accessible by air or water, adding variety for exploration.

In the center of the map is a large lake surrounded by green areas, which can be a place for recreation and entertainment. Bridges and roads can be seen around the lake, indicating well-developed infrastructure and accessibility for city and suburban residents.


That's all we know about the game map and the city of Vice City in Grand Theft Auto 6. Before the release of the game, which will take place in 2025, we will surely see some more trailers and get other information about the game, so we will update this material.

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