GTA 6 Characters

15 December 2023

In GTA 6 we are expecting unique characters, which has a special role in the story and additional tasks. When it comes to the Grand Theft Auto series, we can not say that all of them will be exclusively positive, because surely the bulk of the characters, including protagonists, will be somehow connected with the criminal world of Weiss City. In this material collected a list of all the characters known to LibertyCity at the moment.

Characters of GTA 6

As of today, we know for sure that in GTA 6 there will be several main characters. Of course, Rockstar has not confirmed it yet, but we take into account the trailer and some unofficial information. Besides, in the previous Rockstar game we already had the opportunity to play as several heroes, so there is no innovation here.

Main characters

The GTA 6 trailer showed two main characters: a male named Jason and a Latina woman named Lucia, but at the moment we don't know the names of protagonists for sure. Both characters look to be in their 20s or 30s and are in romantic relationships. Earlier there were rumors that the plot of the new part of GTA will be inspired by the story of Bonnie and Clyde, and judging by the trailer, where Jason and Lucia commit robberies, these assumptions are likely to be true.

In addition, the game will most likely feature a character switching mechanic, as it was in GTA 5. With its help, gamers will be able to switch control between Lucia and Jason at any or certain plot points.


Lucia is an ex-convict with Hispanic roots. However, we have yet to find out whether she was imprisoned before the main plot begins, or whether we will find her there after completing some missions. But what is certain is that she represents a determined gangster, ready to face any danger.

The first frame of the trailer shows Lucia in an orange prison robe while talking to a parole officer named Stefanie G. The dialog can't be called lengthy, but we learn from it that the girl doesn't admit her guilt.

Lucia is the first female protagonist since the release of the original game, as well as the first protagonist from Latin America. Ger name has gone viral and spread across social media and GTA fan forums around the world.

There are rumors that the main character of GTA 6 is voiced by Alexandra C. Echavarri. Her IMDb page originally had information about her participation in GTA 6, which was later removed. However, the actress herself, who has Puerto Rican and Cuban roots, confirmed on social networks that she voiced the character Lupe in GTA Online, but will not participate in GTA 6.

Another name that is often mentioned in rumors is Leslie Lluvet. But earlier this year, after fans started asking her numerous questions, the actress denied her participation in the project.

All this leaves open the question about the voicing of the main character. Rockstar is known for its secrecy when choosing actors, so the official information about the English-language voice acting will remain a matter of debate for some time to come.


Although not officially confirmed at the moment, the entire GTA fan community is certain that Lucia's partner is named Jason. He is the male part of the criminal duo in GTA 6, as well as Lucia's lover. In the trailer we are shown the guy mostly behind the wheel of a car, from which we can conclude that Jason is an experienced driver.

So far, there is no definite information about whether Jason will be a playable character. According to the leaks, players will probably be able to control these two characters specifically. Although the exact details of their relationship and the circumstances of their acquaintance remain unclear, we can assume that they met on the streets of Weiss City.

We don't know much about the voice actor either. The most frequently mentioned name on fan forums is Troy Edward Baker, known for his role as Joel in The Last of Us. This is especially true of the phrase «Trust», said by the character at the end of the trailer, which increases suspicions about his participation.

Another «candidate» for the role of Jason's voice actor is actor Bryan Zampella, whose name is listed on IMDb in connection with GTA 6. However, there is no official confirmation of this information. Bryan has been spotted in company with developers from Rockstar Games and bears a resemblance to Jason.

Central Characters

This section contains all the characters that we know about so far and were shown in the official trailer. We will be sure to update the material with new information about the game.

Stefanie G.

Stefanie is a prison warden who can be seen talking to Lucia at the beginning of the GTA 6 trailer. Her name is revealed by a plaque on her desk. Apparently, Stephanie holds a key position in Leonida's Department of Corrections, which may hint at her influence in the game world.

While her role may seem minor, it is possible that she will play an important role in Lucia's story arc, influencing her fate or providing key information. Stephanie's character voiceover will likely not be announced until the game's official release, adding to the intrigue regarding her possible role.

Given Rockstar's detailed approach to creating its games, it's conceivable that Stephanie's character, even as a minor character, could have a significant impact on the story or character development. Perhaps her interactions with Lucia will reveal new aspects of the story or raise important issues that affect the course of the story.


The first trailer for GTA 6 featured a social media video of a character named Rudi driving a green pickup truck at high speeds while leaning out of the driver's door. An explosion is reflected in the side rearview mirror. The video was posted by a user under the nickname YouMammazJammer with the comment «RIP Rudi — C U in Heaven, Cuz», hinting at Rudy's possible demise in this scene.

Old Lady

We don't know for sure if the old lady with the two hammers will somehow be connected to the main characters plotwise, but she looks a lot like the real woman from the viral video that was shot in Florida a few years ago.


A character from GTA 6 who is introduced as an employee or manager of the Jack of Hearts club is also a friend and business partner of a character named Bouvie. This character arguably plays a key role in one of the game's storylines, linking the world of crime and the music business.


Bouvie is introduced in GTA 6 as a DJ in Worm Jack. He is also the friend and business partner of a character named Dre. Together, they aim to open a music studio. This story element adds depth to the game's world, combining elements of music, nightlife, and the desire to create their own business.

A prisoner with a tattooed face

In one of the shots, we see a prisoner in prison garb with a fully tattooed face. Here we can also see the inscription that thanks to one of the tattoos the police managed to apprehend an unnamed criminal.

This prisoner was noticed by fans of the game and found, perhaps, his real prototype — a guy from Florida. The real man and his digital version are really similar, but there are still differences, because the tattoos on his face are very different. By the way, Florida Boy has already addressed Rockstar and demanded compensation for the use of his image in the first trailer.

Everett Morgan — character from Red Dead Redemption

When watching the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 we can notice a portrait of a criminal from another game of the studio — Red Dead Redemption — on the doors of one of the stores. Whether he will be connected to the main characters or will be dedicated to him in a separate story — we will find out closer to the release, which will take place in 2025.


In the first trailer of GTA 6 there is no clear indication of the return of characters from previous games in the series. Since the game is set in Vice City, there may be some familiar faces from the original Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, such as Kent Paul, the character voiced by Danny Dyer. However, the likelihood of Tommy Versetti, the iconic character voiced by Ray Liotta, returning is extremely unlikely due to his passing in 2022. This leaves open the question of which characters from the previous installments may appear in the new game.

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