10 reasons why GTA 6 will be a masterpiece

30 November 2023
Mad Knight

The release of GTA 6 promises to be one of the most high-profile events in the modern gaming industry. However, so far we haven't even seen the trailer. Rockstar Games promised to show the first footage in early December. In honor of this event, we decided to collect the top reasons why Grand Theft Auto 6 will be an undoubted masterpiece for a decade to come.

Before we begin, it's worth noting that neither we nor you have yet seen the game itself. Everything mentioned below is based on numerous rumors and scraps of information, which means that it may not appear in reality.

Updated graphics

It's no secret that Rockstar Games is preparing for us something completely new first of all visually. GTA 6 has all chances to become the first "real nekstgen-project", whose graphics will be breathtaking. Already in Red Dead Redemption 2 the picture was characterized by photorealism, so it's scary to imagine what awaits us. Besides, the events will take place in Weiss City, which is familiar to the fans of the series. Colorful nature during the day and the light of numerous neon signs at night work perfectly for immersion and will add impressions from the picture.

But truly Rockstar Games has always been strong on attention to detail. Here we would like to mention its RAGE engine. At least we can expect volumetric clouds and fog straight from RDR 2, incredibly detailed light and shadows, as well as several biomes with flora and fauna.

To finish the talk about the graphical part we can mention Euphoria technology. It was already actively used in the same RDR 2, when all enemies reacted correctly to hits, falls and other physical conditions. In the novelty all this should go to a whole new level. Of course, the police will not bleed, but to slow down the chase with accurate shots in the legs should be possible. Potentially it will open an incredible space for experiments with physics.

A truly vibrant open world

There are already many rumors on the internet that Rockstar Games is going to apply some new technologies for NPCs. ProceduralMotion will allow to use dynamic animations that do not depend on scripts. In addition, other chips are expected: EmotionalLocoRequests, Expressions and Gesture. They are responsible for realistic facial expressions and reactions according to situations. AnimalIntelligence system should provide a new level of intelligence in animals, and ALMemory will allow the inhabitants of the city to memorize the actions of characters and behave accordingly. For example, you will be blocked from entering certain places.

If at least half of the voiced will work as expected — GTA 6 is doomed to success.

A new approach to characters

At the moment we know about two playable characters — Jason and Lucia. They have a close relationship, although they may be just brother and sister. Rockstar Games promises a new look at the interactions between the main characters. In addition to a smoother transition from character to character, there will be a real system of views, interests, preferences and likes.

In addition, almost with a hundred percent probability will return the ability to change appearance. The last time this was in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In the leaked materials, users noticed that in different videos heroes look different. Jason and Lucia can become overweight or on the contrary athletic. About more detailed customization is not known yet.


It looks like the heroes will have more differences than meets the eye. Jason likes a more straightforward approach, while Lucia is good at stealth and more "stealthy" missions. Some users speculate that hacking devices and various thieving devices will appear in the arsenal. This will not only diversify gameplay, but will also add individuality to the characters.

We won't be surprised if Rockstar Games will introduce a pumping system, reminiscent of "natural mastering". The more often you use certain abilities and devices, the better the characters get.

In favor of this theory says and the fact that now not all cars can not be stolen thanks to the standard broken window. The best supercars will have to be hacked electronically.

Redesigned inventory

The quick access menu should be reminiscent of Red Dead Redemption 2, but with some changes. Now there will be weapons on the first circle, gear on the second, and equipment on the third. Apparently, gadgets will be part of the last section.

It is already known that you can no longer carry the arsenal of an entire squad of soldiers. You will be limited by the weight of weapons and will not be able to put in your pocket and rocket launcher and machine gun. But there is an opportunity to assign different guns to the left and right hand.

The size of the inventory increases thanks to bags and backpacks. In the same place you will put your loot.


Already in the fifth part allowed to approach the robberies in different ways, but there were few options. In GTA 6, this is likely to be corrected. Even in ordinary thefts from cafes you can show ingenuity and, for example, take care of security cameras, disabling them in advance. This will give more time and consequently increase the booty. It is not yet fully clear how the system will be implemented, because now it seems that robbing with proper preparation is always more profitable than going straight ahead. Whether Rockstar Games will not turn the process into a monotonous sequence of the same actions — the question.

Open for exploration buildings

It became known that the developers have already prepared about 157 interiors, which means that many buildings can be entered. Whether it will be simply furnished, but empty rooms or something interesting — it is unknown. But knowing the authors, no one would add such a complex chip just for a tick. In the future, in this way can be realized in the future burglaries.


And since we have different characters with strengths and weaknesses, there should be variety in gameplay. In the leaked materials found "defensive posture" movement, as well as moving crawling. In addition, there will be the ability to shoot from the car, sitting on the door, as well as the mechanics of dragging bodies. Combined with the hacking devices, all of this opens up the potential for a more varied experience. Whether this will be useful only in the story or will also come in handy in ordinary activities — time will tell.

But what will definitely be needed is "eagle vision". Heroes as real assassins will be able to focus on interesting objects, noting them against the background of the rest. Something like this was already in RDR 2, but now the possibilities of the skill should be expanded.


Internet sherlocks noticed interesting icons on the map, which indirectly confirm that in GTA 6 it will be possible to become a businessman. Presumably, players will be able to buy real estate and various infrastructure. Including for "laundering" money.

There are rumors that for the most sophisticated will launch an in-game stock exchange, and your bandits will turn into white-collar workers. We doubt the mechanics will be as complex as they are in real life, but the series has long been developing a variety of in-game sites and services, it's quite possible that an analog of the stock exchange will appear.

Given the scale, we will not be surprised that Rockstar Games will add a full-fledged simulator, when buying a store or ranch, you will have to dive into the internal "kitchen" of the enterprise, but only if you want to receive a stable income.

Updated online mode

And finally a few speculations about Grand Theft Auto Online. There is no doubt that a new version of online will appear in GTA 6. It is now known that the lobby will be able to accommodate up to 32 players at a time. Perhaps by the release this figure will increase. Gamers will get the widest opportunities — from performing standard missions, to building their own financial empire. This will definitely ensure stable online for another dozen years to come.

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