GTA 6 Leaks: Everything We Know About New Protagonists

13 February 2023

Rockstar Games has always been good at creating memorable characters.In GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption we've got several protagonists. GTA 6 leak confirmed that developers will follow the same concept in the next game. There will be two protagonists available to choose from, Jason and Lucia. In this article we will summarize everything we know about GTA 6 characters.


Jason is a white American with a southern accent. He drives a muscle car. His standard set of clothes is a greasy T-shirt, shorts and a cap worn backwards. Presumably, Jason will live in the countryside.

Jason has a special ability to detect objects that are brightly lit against a dark background. This can be useful for spotting loot during a robbery.


Lucia is a Latin. Fans are speculating that she lives in Vice City.

According to rumors, Lucia will be voiced by actress Alexandra Cristina Echavarri. Even before GTA 6 was leaked, the fans found her resume, which revealed that she was working on the game. GTA community is unsure about the actress. Some fans feel that Lucia's voice is different from that of the actress.

Lucia wears a pink shirt and camouflage trousers. We can also see her in a black dress in the leaked footage.

So far we have no information about Lucia's special ability.

How are Jason and Lucia related to each other?

Fans have speculated that Jason and Lucia are brother and sister. After the game's files leaked online, players discovered that they look very different from each other. Most likely, Jason and Lucia are a couple inspired by criminals like Bonnie and Clyde. This theory was previously confirmed by well-known journalist Jason Schraer.

We don't know how the GTA 6 storyline will unfold. It is clear from the leaked footage that the protagonists will interact in the missions. Perhaps it will be possible to switch between characters to perform different tasks: distracting opponents, shooting, etc. Characters may have strengths and weaknesses. One of them will be better at shooting, another at driving or stealth.

Most likely, we will be able to switch between characters similiart to GTA 5. We can also assume that Jason and Lucia won't know each other at the beginning of the game and their storylines will cross over in the course of the story.


Rockstar Games has maintained their approach to creating a game with multiple protagonists, allowing them to create a complex story shown from different angles.

This is the first time in many years that Rockstar Games has decided to add a female protagonist to the game. The last time we could play as a woman was in GTA 1 and GTA London 1969. This is an unusual decision for the studio.

It's fascinating to see how the community will accept the change. We can already tell that the images of the protagonists have gained popularity among gamers, artists and cosplayers.

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