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GTA 6 map: everything we know so far

9 February 2023

Fans have been making theories about the location of GTA 6 since the release of GTA 5. There were all sorts of assumptions, but more than anything, players wanted to return to Vice City. This speculation was confirmed by the biggest leak in gaming history, when the community discovered details about the upcoming game.

Let's take a look at the revealed locations and try to imagine how the updated Vice City will look like.

Vice City

It's obvious that we'll be returning to Vice City again, this time in a modern setting. The city will significantly increase in size and quality compared to its version from GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories. We'll probably see modern skyscrapers and new neighbourhoods that could have appeared within a few decades. The size of the city should be impressive. We can tell that by the existence of subways and trams in the leaked images of the game.

Ocean Beach, Malibu Club, Little Haiti and other locations from GTA Vice City are also marked by gamers. In the leaked footage we can see a large tennis court, a football stadium, a large theater and an airport.

In one of the leaked videos, Lucia robs a cafe and visits a strip club. There are gyms on the streets of Vice City that may be open for the player.

Other locations

In GTA 6 we will visit a region equivalent to Florida. You may see the name Leonida on the signs in the leaked game. It is a possible name of the new location.

We could also see a countryside and other smaller settlements in GTA 6.

The livery of one of the police cars mentions the town of Port Gellhorn. This could mean that the world of the game is big enough to have several police departments.

Nature in GTA 6

The map of GTA 6 may have rainforests and swamps. We may encounter hurricanes, which are common in Florida.

Rockstar Games has already done a great job on the wildlife of southern regions in RDR 2. Florida equivalent may be inhabited by the same animals that are found in Lemoine State and Guarama Island. For example, alligators, birds and snakes. Probably, GTA 6 will get the same detailed animal world.

The world of GTA 6 may consist of islands connected by long bridges. It seems we will visit the Cuba's analogue, that isn't far from Miami in a real world.

Fans have also spotted a direction to Lake Leonida on the road signs in the leak. Its real prototype is Lake Okeechobee which is the largest lake in the southern part of the US. Maybe the lake will be located in the centre of the map, similart to the Alamo Sea in GTA 5.


Rockstar Games will do their best to surprise even the most sophisticated fans. We should expect impressive map in terms of elaboration and scale. The world of new Grand Theft Auto will be more diverse and realistic than ever before.

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