IGN ranking the 15 best GTA

24 December 2023

The well-known Western portal IGN has compiled a TOP 15 list of the best parts of the cult series Grand Theft Auto. The site's editorial team placed GTA 5 in the first position, which even 10 years after its release continues to be one of the most popular games. According to IGN, the weakest part of the series turned out to be Grand Theft Auto: Advance, released in 2004 for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance handheld console.

«It is the current pinnacle of everything Rockstar set out to achieve with the series, featuring one of the largest, most detailed open-world maps in gaming, boundless activities — from skydiving to street racing — and an engrossing, cinematic story», — wrote the IGN editor about GTA 5.

TOP 15 best parts of GTA according to IGN.:

  1. Grand Theft Auto 5;
  2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas;
  3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City;
  4. Grand Theft Auto 4;
  5. Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony;
  6. Grand Theft Auto Online;
  7. Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories;
  8. Grand Theft Auto 3;
  9. Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned;
  10. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories;
  11. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars;
  12. Grand Theft Auto;
  13. Grand Theft Auto 2;
  14. Grand Theft Auto: London 1969;
  15. Grand Theft Auto: Advance.

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