Take-Two CEO Responds to Question About Plans for a GTA Movie

11 November 2023

Some GTA series fans would surely love to see a movie adaptation of one of the installments, but it seems unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future. Take-Two's CEO (owner of Rockstar Games) Strauss Zelnick during a recent conversation with investors, stated that the company is not currently interested in creating a movie based on Grand Theft Auto.

«‎The hit ratios in the motion picture business are vastly lower than they are in the interactive entertainment business. Our hit ratios for console properties are in the 80% or 90%. The hit ratio for a well-run movie studio is around 30%, which is to say there's a 70% chance that the movie that we license could fail. And so in success, the number, in terms of the benefit to our bottom line... it's not zero, but it's not really material to what we do around here. And in failure, we run the risk of compromising the underlying intellectual property», — said Strauss Zelnick.

As a reminder, Rockstar Games recently announced the first trailer for GTA 6, which will be shown this December.

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