An enthusiast has turned the iPhone 15 Pro Max into a full-fledged console and played GTA 5. But there's a catch

8 October 2023

The author of the YouTube channel TechDroider posted a video in which he turned his iPhone 15 Pro Max into a full-fledged gaming console with physical controllers. In the video, the YouTuber showed how he plays GTA 5, GTA San Andreas, and other games.

Some users were surprised to see that the author plays on iOS some projects that were not officially released on this platform. However, he explained that he used the Steam Link app for this, which allowed him to launch projects from his PC on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

As you can see, the performance and picture quality in this format look quite acceptable. As for the temperature, in GTA 5 the device heated up to only 37.5 degrees Celsius.

Recall, earlier we reported on how this game was launched on Android using an emulator.

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