GTA 5 feature inspired the developers of Marvel's Spider-Man 2

21 September 2023

As we know, in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (set to release on October 20 on PS5) there will be the ability to switch between the main characters of the game (Peter Parker and Miles Morales) similar to how this feature is implemented in GTA 5.

Players will be able to smoothly switch between characters right during the free exploration of the open world. Some missions (both storyline and side ones) are built on this, requiring the abilities of both characters to complete.

In GTA 5, for example, this mechanic allows gamers to choose one of the three heroes at any time, which at the time became an important innovation for the series. Likely, in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 this function will also be able to bring a significant degree of gameplay flexibility and freshness to the game.

Meanwhile, rumors about GTA 6 continue to appear online. It was recently revealed that the game will have many more buildings that can be visited.

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