GTA 5 fan traveled 350 kilometers to congratulate the developers

18 September 2023

On September 17, GTA 5 celebrated its 10th anniversary. While players from around the world were actively congratulating the game on its milestone, one fan decided to go directly to the Rockstar North office.

YouTuber j4kefradz from Manchester wanted to personally deliver his card to the developers. In order to reach the company's office in Edinburgh and present his gift, he had to travel 350 kilometers. As proof, the enthusiast published a video where he enters the studio office holding the card. However, it is not revealed how the developers reacted to the gift.

Reminder: Until September 27, GTA Online is giving away gifts in celebration of GTA 5's 10th anniversary. Players can receive the canonical costumes of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin for free, as well as three weapon skins.

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