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Natural Vision Evolved Mod for GTA 5 Gets New Weather Effects and Lighting

1 May 2023

Modder Razed has updated his famous NVE mod for GTA 5. He has added new weather effects, lighting and textures to the game.

Change Log:

  • Added a brand new Sandstorm weather with custom weather effects in the desert;
  • Added light shafts along with brand new lighting to various open interiors;
  • Updated leaf textures and reworked the trunk on some of the vanilla palm trees;
  • Made various small improvements to all Sunny weathers, as well as Overcast weather;
  • Retextured various billboards and signs around Blaine County;
  • Reworked lighting inside open parking lot interiors with various improvements;
  • Fixed some issues.

GTA 5 looks like a next-gen game with all the new lighting and weather effects, but you'll need some really powerful hardware to make it work.

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