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There will probably be even more cheaters: our analysis of GTA 5 and GTA Online leaked source code

17 November 2022

We have analyzed the GTA 5 source code's leak. Supposedly, files were stolen alongside screenshots and footages of yet to be announced GTA 6. How many files the hackers got in total is unknown.

We have found a detailed description of anti-cheat system and processes of in-game money transactions in the leaked segment of the source code. The leak doesn't contain Rockstar Games Social Club's users' information. Neither there were any information related to Shark Cash Cards.

LibertyCity.com doesn't support any kind of cheating activities in GTA Online. That's why we will share information about the leak without going into details and won't describe certain gameplay mechanics.

So what can we find in the leaked GTA 5 source code?

Apparently we can find some native functions, their addresses (hashes) and documentation. Native function is a command which sets up a specific algorhythm, programmed by developers. Such commands are used in in-game scenarios: missions, free-roam activities, heists, etc. While hash points at the exact time when a native function needs to be activated.

Native functions are also used by modders during the process of creating new scripts for GTA 5. Since 2015 the community formed a documentation which includes more than 5000 functions for single-player mode. Only those, who try to create new cheat programs for multiplayer mode, combine their forces on special forums and explore GTA Online's functions.

New era of cheaters?

The published files contain detailed descriptions of how GTA Online anti-cheat system actually works. This information is required by developers for creation of new missions and activities, allowing the anti-cheat system to distinguish an honest player from a cheater.

Current algorhythms of the anti-cheat system, according to our analysis, are imperfect. The one doesn't block a potential cheater automatically, but after a special procedure. All data of suspicious players is sent directly to Rockstar Games, where players either get blocked by the system or after human involvement. Often players get blocked by accident — for example, because of a real cheater, who can illegally add a huge amount of money to anyone, who is in the current session, without other players' consent.

The files describe a separate system for verifying player's version of the game. Rockstar Games has come up with an interesting "trick" for hackers to confuse them when they try to bypass the protection system. However, all these methods are still imperfect, and after the leak they are useless.

Having the actual documentation on hand, the authors of cheat software will be able to adjust to the logic of the anti-cheat system. Of course, hackers have been exploring ways to bypass the protection for a long time and they are doing it quite successfully. However, now there may be even more cheaters.

In-game transactions

The leak also describes a process of in-game transactions: receiving money in missions, adversaries, free-roam activities and heists.

The process of receiving money was made pretty sophisticated in order to exclude illegal ways of cheating with currency. In the leaked documentation, the developers left native functions, that need to be activated, so that the anti-cheat system "approved" the transaction.

This information can help hackers to improve the process of cheating with game currency. Very often modders had to use imperfect methods of cheating — for example, using bags filled with money, falling from the sky. Safer methods are offered by chargeable cheat programs, and it takes a lot of time to find them. We expect that the amount of illegally received GTA$ on players' in-game accounts will increase even more.

But there is a bright side

Not all leaked files have something to do with GTA Online. Many functions can be used in GTA 5. That's what we've managed to find:

  • How to work with the environmental sounds; background ambients and characters' dialogues;
  • AI settings for NPCs and game objects;
  • Everything about camera views and its settings;
  • Creation of cutscenes;
  • Vehicles, weapons, in-game physics;
  • Etc.

Those, who make modifications for single-player GTA titles, reacted positively to the leak:

I think the leak is useful for modding. Lists (enum) and structures (struct) is a useful addition to the known functions. Also, the developers' comments on the functions will help us to understand how they work.

I think Alexander Blade should update his list of native functions by adding ones from the leak.

— Cowboy69 — LibertyCity modmaker

However, not everyone can ignore the fact of the GTA Online source code leak: "Still, I can't ignore the fact that GTA Online functions were leaked, which could lead to new problems for players," commented Shagg_E, the LibertyCity modder.

What do authors of cheat utilities think?

We have contacted the author of a chargeable cheat program for GTA Online, but he refused to comment on the situation. Another person, who's also involved in the similar activity, informed LibertyCity.com that the leaked information has already been known to modders.

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