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The mod collection "GTA 5 Real" has received an October update: new shops, car showrooms and pieces of property.

20 October 2022

"GTA 5 Real" is a collection of mods made by modder Adnr Studio, which turns Los-Santos from GTA V into the real city of Los-Angeles. It adds real-world architectural objects, vehicles and landscapes. The collection has been updated this October with even more real-world brands, pieces of property and other details being added into the game, thus making the experience even more immersive.

A new showroom with retro cars has been added to the game.

New pieces of property are available for purchase.

New real-world ads and street signs.

New shops.

Now cars can be repaired in every car shop.

Now the oceanarium has a detailed interior.

New real-world types of weapons have been added.

Unfortunately, at this stage of development, the compilation is available only for subscribers of the author's patreon page.

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