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GTA 5 fan completed pacifist run for more than 3 years

5 October 2022

DarkViperAU, the Youtuber, has accomplished a difficult challenge to complete GTA 5 with a minimum number of kills. It took him 1227 days.


  • If killing is important, only melee is allowed;
  • If you can’t act in melee, you have to take the weakest weapon;
  • Armor is not allowed unless required;
  • Using cheats or mods is prohibited.

For the pacifist approach of GTA 5, the YouTuber used various techniques, including stealth, the help of NPC's and other tricks. Despite the precision, it was impossible to complete the game without killing. Heroes killed 61 characters in melee and shot 30 NPCs.

What is your most hardcore GTA playthrough?

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