Real firearms expert reacted to GTA 5 guns with pink RPG, obviously

9 November 2021

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, reacted to the guns of Grand Theft Auto 5, including a pink Rocket Launcher, strangely quiet Desert Eagle and AK47.

Ferguson found Shrewsbury SNS Pistol unrealistic. He thinks developers made the bolt go way further, so it won't shoot this way in a real life. The gun is based on Heckler & Koch P7 and the name Shrewsbury is a name of a town in UK.

Heavy Shotgun from GTA 5 is similar to Russian Saiga 12. It was also manufactured by Shrewsbury in the game. Ferguson thinks that's a pretty effective weapon and that's why Russian special forces uses a similar gun.

Assault Rifle from GTA 5 isn't AK-47 of AK-74. It was based on Chinese copy of a legendary rifle. Ferguson said that it was modeled great in the game, but the first person perspective breaks the immersion.

According to the expert AP Pistol is unrealistic. This type of a pistol felt too smooth for that speed of shooting. In the real life recoil would be way harder to control. Ferguson also spotted that there is no way to shoot blindly that precise while hiding behind the cover.

Of course pink RPG wasn't realistic for the expert. He pointed out the ridiculous paintjob and also spotted strange back side of the grenade launcher that looked like a fake.

Ferguson thought that Carbine Rifle in GTA 5 was based on R-15 automatic rifle. The developers made it German. And real life model won't use silver or bright details on the gun.

Heavy Sniper is similar to American Barrett M82 rifle. The recoil was too light for this gun. And the trajectory of the bullet isn't realistic. However, this rifle will penetrate a cover like in a real fight.

Bullpup Shotgun is Kel-Tec KSG analog. It uses only one bull-pup magazine, but in a real life it uses two. The reload is too fast.

Pistol .50 is based on popular Desert Eagle. The expert found out the shooting realistic while playing in the third person perspective. However he didn't like the recoil an he wasn't fond of the sound.

Carbine Rifle is based on Heckler & Koch G36С. There a lot of little differences in the grip, the magazine and the butt.

Minigun is modeled correctly, but everything else is unrealistic.

Firework Launcher is made of junk and based on a real Panzerschreck launcher. It won't end good to shoot something like that in a real life.

MG is based on Soviet's PKM, but with a belt drum from the RPD and other modules.

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