GTA Online: Mobile operations’ week

26 September 2020

This week’s GTA Online update will provide players with double rewards for mobile operations. Additionally, there are bonuses for gunrunning and survival missions.

Mobile operations

Gunrunning business will bring twice more GTA$ and RP this week. Get armed to your teeth and claim the cash rewards. Beginner smugglers can buy a bunker, Mobile Operations Center or special vehicles with a discount.

GTA Online: Mobile operations’ week

Survival series

Deal with hordes of ruthless enemies in survival series missions. Get double GTA$ and RP rewards for survival missions. Select ‘quick job’ option in your iFruit or pick a mission individually via mission menu to take part in one.

GTA Online: Mobile operations’ week

Free Warstock cap

Play GTA Online between 24th and 30th of September to claim Warstock Cache & Carry Cap, let others know you prefer vehicles with heavy armor and mounted guns.

GTA Online: Mobile operations’ week

New Wheel of Fortune vehicle: The Declasse DR1

The vehicle is available for purchase for $2.997.000. Alternatively, you can claim it this week for free in Wheel of Fortune!

GTA Online: Mobile operations’ week


This week’s discounts include good prices for vehicles, bunkers and bunker upgrades:

  • Bunker Upgrades: 30%
  • MOC: 40%
  • MOC upgrades: 35%
  • Ocelot Stromberg: 30%
  • Pegassi Infernus: 40%
  • Coil Rocket Voltic: 40%
  • Titan: 40%
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