GTA 5 source code leak — what has been revealed

26 December 2023

Last night, on 12/25/2023, there was a new data leak from Rockstar — this time on GTA 5. In this article we have collected everything that was found out by data miners studying the files under a microscope.

Who leaked it, what exactly was leaked

Behind the leak is a user of thematic Discord server, presumably associated with the developer of cheats for GTA Online. He, by the way, has already repeatedly sued Rockstar.

According to insiders, the entire source code of GTA 5 has been shared. This means that with the right skills you can quickly create a clone of the game or flood the servers of GTA Online cheaters, which is already a big problem.

Location Assets

We were shown entire biomes and buildings that are possible to explore from the inside.

In addition to buildings, 3D models of animals such as a deer and a cow can be found in the materials shown.

Internet reaction

Rockstar Games will promptly monitor the information and remove direct links.

The network has prepared a bunch of memes about it. For example, here's how those who leaked information on GTA 6 look at the GTA 5 leak:

More gamers recalled a quote from Michael De Santa, who told a jewelry store security guard the following: «You forget a thousand things every day, buddy. Make sure this is one of them».

Early builds

Early concept art was found in the files. The screenshot below is Los Santos, inspired by the real Los Angeles. This is what the final map looks like, where everyone plays GTA 5 and GTA Online, but the original scale was many times smaller.

It can be seen that the developers paid attention to details. There are many screenshots of the character's interaction with different substances, for example, with water or sand.

The following screenshot shows Lago Zancudo. In the drain found an early version of this place from the beta of GTA 5 (for the prototype used assets GTA 4 and Max Payne 3).

The influx of cheaters and modders in GTA Online

After the leak of the source code it became impossible to play GTA Online on shared servers. Cheaters are an eternal problem of online games, but when the main code became publicly available, it's already problematic to react quickly and block them.

Former Rockstar CTO Obbe Vermeij points out that this code is over 10 years old, which means it's useless. Alternatively, it could be used by cheaters to play online, but the security protocols are likely to be updated quickly.

Name of radio stations

If you've always wanted to know the names of the official radio stations in GTA 5, here's the whole list.

  • Los Santos Rock Radio — classic rock;
  • Non-Stop-Pop FM — pop and rhythm and blues music;
  • Radio Los Santos — house, techno and electronica radio station;
  • Channel X — punk rock music;
  • Rebel Radio — country music;
  • Soulwax FM — techno, electro house, ace house and ace techno;
  • East Los FM — Mexican electronic, traditional, hip-hop and rock music;
  • West Coast Classics — rap music radio station;
  • Blaine Country Radio — community talk radio station;
  • Blue Ark — reggae, dub and dancehall music;
  • Worldwide FM — radio station of music of the chillwave, jazz-funk and world music genres;
  • FlyLo FM — IDM, experimental electronica, dip-house, glitch-hop, rap and rap;
  • The Lowdown 91.1 — soul music radio station;
  • Radio Mirror Park — indie music;
  • Space 103.2 — funk music;
  • Vinewood Boulevard Radio — contemporary rock music;
  • WCTR — is a community talk radio station;
  • The Lab — features songs from the hip-hop, rock and electronic music genres;
  • Blonded Los Santos 97.8 FM — genres of contemporary R&B, soul, psychedelic rock, rap, hip-hop, experimental electronica, grime, soukous;
  • Los Santos Underground Radio — radio station of house, techno and electronica genres;
  • iFruit Radio — Afro-fusion, claude rap, dancehall, electro, grime, jungle, drum 'n' bass, rap, grunge, wonky, and contemporary West Coast hip-hop;
  • Music Locker Radio — a house, disco and techno music radio station;
  • Still Slipping Los Santos — plays mostly experimental electronica, British hip-hop and dancehall here;
  • KULT FM 99.1 — post-punk, indie rock, new wave and hypnagogic pop;
  • Media Player — an interactive radio station in which the player can fill the player by finding flash drives in Los Santos containing music from genres such as R&B, funk, disco, house, and techno;
  • MOTOMAMI Los Santos — the station features songs by singer ROSALÍA from Spain and singer Arca from Venezuela;
  • Self Radio — here you can play custom music available on the PC version of the game.

In addition, the plums found other titles that didn't make it into the release or will be added in the future:

  • Talk Left Wing;
  • Surf / Rockabilly;
  • 90s Rock.

Most likely, some of these radio stations we will see in GTA 6, but the list of songs will definitely be updated.

GTA 5 Scenario

In the leaked materials found the full script of GTA 5. The author of the legendary game is Alan Litobarski — the script was completed in the fall of 2010.

At the end of the script were found descriptions for several alternative endings in GTA 5. The author of the endings is Ben Barclay. In the final version, the endings became less violent. And this is what they were originally intended to be:

  • In the first version, Franklin decides to kill Trevor and is helped by Michael. In the chase, Trevor crashes into a canister of liquid nitrogen and freezes to death. After that, the remaining characters say goodbye and disperse;
  • In the second version, Franklin decides to kill Michael. A long chase and many shootouts ensue. At the end, Franklin pushes Michael onto the helicopter blades.

For the trailer GTA 5 were taken places that are present in the game itself. However, even here you can notice noticeable changes. In the trailer, the mountains are higher, and the picture is complemented by tall green trees. In the game itself, this is a rather unremarkable place, which many people did not pay attention to, but thanks to the plum we now know the coordinates of this place.

Add-ons that are frozen or planned for GTA 5

Judging by the names in the code, we're in for some Trevor-related DLC. It may be a prequel to the character. In addition, some of the titles suggest that more additions are in development:

  • SP Assassination Pack (story missions for assassinations);
  • SP Manhunt Pack;
  • SP Norman (possible zombie DLC);
  • Agent Trevor DLC (Agent Trevor storyline);
  • Relationship DLC (relationship system with NPCs?);
  • SP Enterprise Pack;
  • Prologue DLC (alternate prologue);
  • LibertyV DLC (Liberty City in GTA 5?);
  • Unique high-resolution textures for PC.

Also spotted in the code is the name of a new weapon that was being developed for the online version. From the data obtained, it is possible to collect a map of GTA Online updates:

  • MP Army Pack (a set of army equipment, among which the Hydra fighter could appear);
  • MP Heist 2 (continuation of Heist heist update);
  • MP Intel and Surveillance;
  • MP Jobs (profession system);
  • MP Promoter;
  • MP Relationships (relationship system with NPCs, but for multiplayer);
  • MP Sport (sports events);
  • MP Summer (thematic transformation of the map in summer);
  • MP Arc 1.

A folder called AI has been found. Usually the developers dump here models of NPC behavior, but analysts assume that it was planned to add AI to animate non-player characters and create a unique experience. And if at the time of release of GTA 5 artificial intelligence was not so popular, then in the new game of the series its appearance is quite possible.

Rockstar Tools

Found data management applications. Looks very thoughtful and technologically advanced.


The sources, presumably from Red Dead Redemption, have been discovered. Obviously, the developers did not build the game from scratch every time, using past developments and templates. Found looks like a separate add-on or a remote location with its own set of quests.

Rockstar's Agent spy action game

Probably, we are looking at a map of a canceled game. Judging by the code, it could be an action movie called Agent, or an addition about Trevor, the events of which were supposed to take place not in the usual Los Santos.

The underwater world in GTA 5 is interesting, there are many hidden Easter eggs and rewards. Underwater in Los Santos you can find an old steamship, sunken airplanes, submarines and even UFOs. In addition, screenshots of an abandoned oil well are found in the drains. Perhaps it has something to do with GTA 5 or is part of the unreleased game Agent.

GTA 6 actors

It seems that Internet users managed to find a model who became the prototype of Lucia. However, the girl denied this information. Believe it or not — time will tell, and while the search for prototypes of heroes continues, because these people may know a little more about the game than everyone else. After a while, the girl deleted all her posts, it is possible that users are still close to figuring out one of the actors of the game.

New details about the abandoned Bully 2

Amid the huge hype around GTA 6, many remembered about the canceled game. Judging by the leaks, Bully 2 did not develop further than concept art.

Characters from other games

Found models from other games of this developer. We can single out characters from GTA 4 and Manhunt. The Rockstar logo in the form of a pink square mattress with a man in a BDSM suit lying on it.

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