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Best Grand Theft Auto Space Mods for Travelling to the Stars

10 April 2023

Rockstar Games often refers to space and aliens in GTA's Easter eggs. Obviously, the developers have always been interested in this subject. We have collected for you some of the best space-themed mods for Grand Theft Auto.

GTA Journey To Mars

GTA Journey to Mars is a mod for GTA San Andreas that sends you to explore Mars. The authors of the mod have implemented dynamic weather effects, settler base and special equipment, including rovers, Geiger counters and weapons.

GTA Anderius: Alien City

GTA Anderius: Alien City is a famous total conversation mod for GTA San Andreas, which takes players to a distant future. The main setting is the planet Anderius, where Carl Johnson arrives with an unknown purpose. Players expect new futuristic cities, cars and even aliens. There are over 60 missions in the modification.

Grand Theft Space

Grand Theft Space is a modification to GTA 5 that adds the ability to travel into outer space. According to the mod's plot, a NASA research team has discovered signs of alien life. We will explore planets, fight hordes of aliens and fly a spaceship. This is one of the biggest space-themed mods for GTA.


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