GTA 4 Completed in 6 Hours Without Damage

28 August 2023

YouTuber Droosy has completed one of the most impressive GTA 4 speedruns of all time and set a world record. He beat the game in less than six hours without taking any damage. The YouTuber used the OHKO mod (death by one hit), which sets Niko's health to the lowest possible value.

It took Droosy over 1500 hours to prepare for the walkthrough. He had to design a route to maximize the efficiency of the missions and deal with such things as the almost total absence of checkpoints in GTA 4. The player could have been killed by any police shot, NPC punch or road accident, but in the end he set a new world record by completing the game in 5:51:09.

In the future, the speedrunner plans to pass GTA San Andreas in this way.

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