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A new version of the GTA 4 modmanager is released

12 October 2022

A new version of the IV Tweaker modloader for GTA 4 has been released. The software greatly simplifies the installation of any modifications. The main feature of IV Tweaker is that the files of the original game are not affected during installation, and in case of an error, you will not have to reinstall the game.

The mod has a clear folder structure and is suitable for any beginner in GTA 4 modding. To install the modification, it is enough to copy the desired file to the modloader folder. Also, IV Tweaker allows you to set priorities in the work of mods. The current version 1.72 has increased the number of supported file formats.

Supported file formats:

  • .ide;
  • .ide_priority;
  • .img;
  • .gxt;
  • .wpl;
  • .asi;
  • .rpf.

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