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GTA 4 footage used in Pakistani news to recreate a crime

12 October 2020

Pakistani news channel used GTA 4 gameplay recording to imitate a criminal incident. Rockstar Games’ 12 years old release was used to air the news instead of clips from the crime scene or relevant plans and schemes.

Samaa TV channel gave a second wind to GTA 4 and reminded Internet users about this beautiful game. This way of news reporting instantly went viral. Previously Pakistani politician Khurram Nawaz uploaded GTA 5 footage to Facebook, believing it was real.

HQ - Scratch

22 May 2014 GTA 4
The texture data replaces the standard car scratches textures. Not tested with enb. Install using OPEN IV.

HQ Tactical Skins

25 August 2010 GTA 4
New HQ skins military, matchmaker and other services.

Thunder HQ sound

30 May 2012 GTA 4
A new version of realistic thunder in HQ quality, you can sit by the window to watch the people running under the umbrellas and tremble with thunder. Installation: Replace Rain.ivaud with pcaudiosfxresident using sparkIV.