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TOP 40 Best GTA 4 mods of All Time

14 December 2022

Players from all over the world continue to create mods for GTA 4, despite the fact that more than 14 years have passed since the game was released. We selected 40 amazing modifications including scripts, graphic modifications, as well as new cities and islands.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2

This modification has been in development for more than 10 years. Enthusiasts have set a goal to transfer Vice City to the GTA 4 engine. Unlike other similar modifications, here the authors adapted the city to modern realities, slightly changing some details, but keeping the atmosphere of the legendary GTA Vice City.

IV Tweaker

This tool has made a huge breakthrough in installing mods for GTA 4. It allows you to install modifications without replacing the original game files.

Winter Liberty

High-quality winter mod for GTA 4. Now, instead of dullness and despondency, a festive Christmas atmosphere awaits you.

GTA Gostown Paradise

The modification replaces Liberty City with a huge tropical island. The mod was originally created for GTA San Andreas, but was later ported to GTA 4.

GTA IV Zombie Mod (ZoMbocalYpse)

A very creepy mod that adds a real zombie apocalypse to Liberty City. The modification has a lot of interesting features that greatly enliven your gameplay.

Restoring deleted songs on radio

In 2018, Rockstar Games removed some songs from GTA 4 radio stations due to expired rights to use this music. This mod restores all the cut songs.

Tiny Racer

The mod adds a time trial called Tiny Racer to the game. In this trial, you have to pass all the checkpoints on the car in a limited time. When you reach the finish line, you will receive a reward.

GTA IV San Andreas

The modification transfers all cities and countryside from GTA San Andreas to the GTA 4 engine.

Arabian Ancient Civilizations

The mod adds several cities from the Assassin's Creed universe to GTA IV and EFLC: an Arabian city (2 islands), a Persian city, an Egyptian city and a Babylonian city.

Falling Platforms

The mod adds a challenge called Falling Platforms to the game. In this challenge, you and the NPC are on platforms that eventually start to shake and fall. Your goal is to stay on the platforms and not fall off them as long as possible. If you fall last or at the same time with the other remaining NPCs, you win and get a reward. NPCs try to avoid shaking platforms.

Free Camera

This script adds the ability to turn on a free camera mode. With it you can create beautiful screenshots and explore Liberty City in details.

First Person View

With this script, you can play GTA 4 with a first-person view, just like in GTA 5.


The script allows you to work as a taxi driver in Liberty City. The player takes passengers to different points on the map and gets paid for it. At the same time, you need to try to make the passenger feel comfortable.

Custom Safehouse and Garage Script v1.1

This mod allows you to create save points anywhere on the map. When loading a save, the script checks if the player was saved in this place, and moves the character there if the save truly was. Also, this script allows you to generate places to save any car.

GTA 4 Offline Script Trainer

Multifunctional trainer for GTA 4, created by the famous author of similar trainers for GTA 5.

Museum and Bank Robbery Mod

This modification will allow you to rob the vault of a bank or a museum.

Tricking IV

Tricking IV is a mod for GTA 4 that adds parkour abilities to Niko with very good and "human" animation.

Liberty City Customs

With this modification, you will have a garage for tuning in GTA 4. There you can change the color of the car, the color of the disks, put neon lights on the car, if suddenly your car is damaged or dirty, you can immediately wash it and fix it.

SkateIV mod

This mod adds skateboarding to the game. You will be able to perform various tricks, as well as slide on a skateboard on curbs and railings.

Jetpack mod

This script adds a jetpack to GTA IV. It can be used by both the player and the police chasing Niko.


This mod adds some features from the game Watch Dogs. You will be able to hack trains, traffic lights and ATMs. Also there are new animations and replaced HUD.


The script adds Chop from GTA 5. He will protect the player and will be able to get into a car.


The script turns Niko Bellic into Spider-Man. You will be able to run on walls, shoot with web, and also make various strikes in the air.

GTA IV Selfie mod

The script allows you to take selfies on your phone, just like in GTA 5.

Bicycle mod

Bicycles are available in GTA San Andreas and GTA 5. For some reason, the developers decided not to add them to GTA 4, but the modders solved this problem on their own. Bicycles have an animation of pedaling, and you can also make jumps on them.

Clothes combination script

The script allows you to create different combinations of clothes and to change clothes anywhere.

Real Working Showroom

A small script, with which GTA IV will give you the opportunity to buy a car at a car showroom. Before buying, you will be able to choose its color, as well as turn on the headlights, open the doors and see the inside of its trunk.

Ultimate Camera Control

A script modification that allows you to control the in-game camera. Another multifunctional tool for creating beautiful screenshots and videos.

DeathRace IV Mod

This mod adds some things from the movie "Death Race". You will be able to install machine guns, missiles and armor plates on your cars, as well as eject from driver's and passenger's seats.


With this mod, you can make snowballs and throw them at passers-by. Perfect for playing with the winter mod, the link to which you might find at the beginning of this article.

Minigun V Style

This mod will bring a Minigun similar to the one found in GTA V, it has the spinning barrel animation and the sounds from GTA V.

Parachute IV

The script is refining the parachute use system in GTA 4. You will be able to control free fall, as well as use weapons in flight.


The multifunctional trainer for GTA 4 and EFLC.

GTA V Handling For IV

This mod transfers the characteristics of car control from GTA 5 to GTA 4.

Iron Man IV

The script adds the ability to play for Iron Man. Among other things, Stark Tower was also added to the game.

Ability to crawl

The script allows you to lie down on the ground and crawl. That is a significant advantage in shootouts.

iCEnhancer 3.0 Bloom enhancement V2

The most famous graphic modification for GTA 4. With it, the graphics will become brighter and richer.

Natural Colors

The mod is based on Icenhancer 3 ENB, which has been modified and fixed for Grand Theft Auto 4 Complete Edition (Steam) or Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City. The main goal is to improve the GTA 4 colors and lighting that has a very strange yellowish tinge in the original vanilla version. Many thanks to the author of the Icenhancer mods, who made this possible.

Awesomekills ENB v3.0

Beautiful graphic setting. Rich color scheme; beautiful glints of the sun; realistic ocean water; customized reflections from cars; saturated shadows.

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