A fan made a “remake” of GTA 3 using GTA 5 mods

25 March 2024
Диана Голенко

The author of the YouTube channel flames per second showed his vision of the remake of Grand Theft Auto 3, using modifications for GTA 5. He wanted to imagine how the game could look on the Unreal Engine 5.

Users appreciated the video with the updated third part, noticing only that the author overdid it with the highlights.

“Good, but too much reflections, in some moments I can't even notice car color,” @Grotesquefet.

“Definitive Edition in another world,” joked @kurlyk_777.

“The remaster we deserve,” praised @polishKGB.

“It looks incredible. Can I test the version on my computer? — @grajek1111111.

The video has already received 24 thousand views and 390 likes.

Let us remind you that a huge mod for GTA San Andreas will soon be released on our website, which will contain 60 new missions, a map of Miami, role-playing mini-missions and other cool additions.

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