Cosplayer transforms into Misty from GTA 3 - photos

24 February 2024

Darya Gertsen, also known by the nickname Dadahanych, has created a high-quality cosplay of Misty from GTA 3. The cosplayer posted several photos and compared her work to the original character.

In the comments to the photos, Darya Gertsen shared that this was her first cosplay of the year. Additionally, she mentioned that it was quite challenging to find the exact same shoes as Misty's.

By the way, finding green shoes for the character (and approximately the same color) turned out to be not so easy, because... as a mere mortal, I found a more or less suitable model of boots, bought a can of paint, and caused a mess in my apartment! No regrets.
— Darya Gertsen

As a reminder, we previously reported on an attempt to recreate Claude from GTA 3 using the Tekken 8 editor.

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