A former Rockstar employee shared how the Easter egg with the growing Moon appeared in GTA 3

28 November 2023

Recently, former Rockstar North developer Obbe Vermeij shared numerous secret details about the Grand Theft Auto franchise. In particular, Vermeij talked about the famous Easter egg related to the Moon.

The Easter egg first appeared in GTA 3, but it could also be seen in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. The gist was as follows: if the player shot the Moon with a sniper rifle, it would change size, becoming either larger or smaller.

It turns out that the secret arose due to a dispute among the artists who couldn't decide how big the in-game version of the satellite should be. Some wanted a large, cinematic Moon, while others insisted on realism. In the end, Vermeij suggested making the Moon's size changeable in the game. Apparently, this settled the argument.

Earlier, thanks to Obbe Vermeij, we also learned that Rockstar had been working on a zombie game for some time, and GTA Vice City was originally conceived as an expansion to GTA 3.

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