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This mod improves GTA 3 gameplay

2 May 2023

Modder Cowboy69 has released a new project Liberty Extended, which improves the gameplay of GTA 3. The game with this mod looks like modern parts of the franchise.


  • Ability to add new vehicles;
  • First-person view;
  • GPS;
  • More modern control;
  • Drivers react to shots;
  • Walking on the key for the keyboard;
  • Aim while holding the button;
  • The car's wheel can fall off with a very hard impact;
  • Ped dies when shot in the head with a nonheavy weapon;
  • CLEO Redux support.

Liberty Extended is a good reason to play GTA 3 again. The game will give you a new experience with improved controls, camera and NPC behaviour.

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