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GTA 3 being ported to PlayStation Vita

7 October 2020

Modder Rinnegatamante is developing GTA 3 port for PS Vita. The project is open-source and is available in his profile on GitHub.com, allowing anyone to use the source files. The port is possible after the game’s release for Nintendo Switch. GTA 3 port for PS Vita will be based on the PC version of the game. The graphics shall be at its best. Rinnegatamante is a member of the re3 modding team, which is also planning to port GTA Vice City for PS Vita.

GTA 3 being ported to PlayStation Vita

It seems like PS Vita is getting a second wind. Should we wait for new releases from Rockstar Games on the portable console?

God Mode

28 September 2018 GTA 3
This mod adds God mode, with this mode you will not die! Installation: File God Mode.cs add to GTA 3 / CLEO

IV Hud

5 January 2012 GTA 3
This mod makes the GTA III interface more similar to the GTA IV interface. Installation: Copy the models and cleo folders to the root directory of the game. Mod requires an installed cleo library. By default, the script uses standard...

ENBseries Setting by NeTw0rK 1.0

25 May 2012 GTA 3
Realistic reflections, bloom, motion blur blend perfectly with the atmosphere of GTA 3. Also there are new explosions, new weather, fire, smoke, water, cartridges and much more! (Hud.txd (HD) Particle.txd (HD) Timecyc.dat Particle.cfg) Scree...