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2 interior and objects for for modmakers
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File replaces: gta3.dir, gta3.img, int.col, ...
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The archive contains dff, txd, col, IDE, ipl and img files.
All models and textures are stored in the gta3.img folder.
IDE, IPL and COL files from DATA can be added to gta_vc.dat via
IDE DATA MAPS at nbhotelint.IDE

COLFILE 0 DATA MAPS at nbhotelint.COL

IPL DATA MAPS at nbhotelint.IPL

There is an IMG file in which everything is stored as in the gta3.img folder. The fact is that in im you can add img files from which, just like from gta3.img, you will get objects and textures.
This is done by adding CDIMAGE lines / path to img archive / archive.img (Maybe this is done differently, I don’t remember)

There was an idea to create interiors for each of the houses of Tommy.
This is the third attempt and it is again a failure. But here I did everything more systematically and some of the materials can be used.
Also, all interior objects are listed in a separate IDE and COL file. it was meant that it could grow into a library for easy creation of interiors, where there would be separate objects of walls, floors, ceilings, interior objects, from which it would be easy to assemble your interior.

I don’t have any desire to do this anymore, but it’s a pity to just delete everything I did / ported from sa / remade from standard objects.
2 interior and objects for for modmakers2 interior and objects for for modmakers - screenshot #22 interior and objects for for modmakers - screenshot #32 interior and objects for for modmakers - screenshot #4
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Borderlands 2 Some Models

31 December 2013 Files for modmakers
Rip some models from Borderlands 2. I pulled out the models a very long time, I had plans to convert them to GTA, but my hands did not reach it. I give as is: normal textures and Normal Maps, model in OBJ format and a scene from 3D Max.

Car from Crysis 2 (beta)

28 August 2013 Files for modmakers
I wanted to pull this model out through the "Cry Engine 3", but why it did not work, then I decided to rip from the game itself this machine. This model only works Headlights, windshield, wheels and doors , Assuming that minuses will fly for this...

Nick Racers Revolution 3D Characters - Sponge Bob and Patrick

Maud adds SpongeBob, Patrick and Crusty Mobile from the game Nick Racers Revolution 3D. Format: .obj, models are in T posture; Textures: present. Do not pay attention to the render of characters who have black boots just in case of rendering th...

Useful functions and constants for developers of mods on CLEO

30 September 2014 Files for modmakers
Developer tools for CLEO This pack slightly simplifies the development of mods on CLEO functions and constants. Functions: In the pack of 6 functions: * Spawn of the actor * Spawn of the actor abbreviated * Spawn mac...

ATP relief from stalker ZP

23 August 2013 Files for modmakers
This relief is converted from the game resource STALKER ZP through "x-ray engine 1.7", in theory the terrain is ready for use, But the objects of buildings that go along with the relief are not ready for this relief. Installation of the relief t...

Charger from "Ravaged"

Good day to all! I found on the Internet a model from "Ravaged" If someone can bring her to mind - please! • Textures: Diffuse Normal Map Spec_map • Formats: .obj .max .fbx .tga

Read_me Creator 1.0

17 September 2014 Files for modmakers
Read_me Creator is a program for creating read_me.exe and autorun.exe files! Main functions: ~ Create any designs ~ Quick editing of ready templates ~ Adding screenshots ~ A handy description editor ~ Support for VBScript New in vers...

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