Parkour mod (Parkour mod) V4.1

19 August 2013 GTA Vice City
This mod will make your main character an acrobat. You can get up tricks. So the main character will be able to swim in the water normally, without fear of drowning even in the puddle, just the main character will be able to climb the fences, climb t...

Parkour CLEO v4.1

10 April 2013 GTA Vice City
CLEO-script for parkour for GTA Vice City. A few animations of parkour and swimming in the water (Yes, you heard right, with this script Tommy will learn to swim (Or it's another script)) can be seen in the screenshots. Installation: 1) Open the...

LCS PC Mod Build 1.0

3 January 2016 GTA Vice City
LCS PC Mod Build 1.0 made by the team LC Team Based on the modification of GTA: Liberty City (GTA 3 on the engine GTA Vice City). The entire Liberty City has been converted, zones and ways have been corrected, a train traffic has been added to th...

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