Destroyable Airplane Mod

15 September 2014 GTA Vice City
The modification adds the ability to blow up air vehicles, namely aircraft.

Menu in style of NFS Most Wanted 2012

20 October 2013 GTA Vice City
I present to your attention the menu in style NFS Most Wanted 2012 . Description: -Red text color and download bars; -New menu background; -The new loadscrins. Installation: Unzip the folder with the game.


25 April 2013 GTA Vice City
This mod adds a bar next to the dump Filla Kessedi. The bar is in the basement. There are two doors there and you go and push the RIGHT door and that's it. Installation: folder HaitiN to throw in Maps, file Object in data, and file lhaitiblkplat.tx...

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