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SA Taxi

3 July 2013 GTA Vice City
Since I have already converted several machines from Weiss to CA, I decided to convert the taxi from Sanka to the sun for balance. Installation: delete the files taxi.dff and taxi.txd from ... models gta3.img and add the files unpacked from the arc...

Restart Taxi

19 December 2011 GTA Vice City
This simple CLEO mod creates a taxi near the hospital and prison after death, when you sit in a taxi you teleport to the place where they were killed or arrested. This mod uses CLEO libraries v1.1.1.6 for Vice City.

Vice City Taxi Service

7 February 2019 GTA Vice City
Now you can stop and go by taxi. In order to stop a taxi, press T. To get into the car, press Sprint. After that, a map will appear on which you will need to determine your final otanovka.

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