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GTA VC: Traffic

21 August 2014 GTA Vice City
Description: GTA VC: Traffic - ASI plugin that increases or decreases the number of peds and vehicles. The script can also affect such parameters as the dependence of traffic density on the current game time, the behavior of drivers behind t...

GTA: Liberty City Beta 3.3

27 November 2014 GTA Vice City
GTA Liberty City is a grandiose fashion made by the company of enthusiasts, thanks to which you will be able to appreciate all the delights of GTA 3 on the engine of GTA Vice City. Everything has been completely redesigned. At first you will not even...

Optimized Traffic Paths

1 June 2017 GTA Vice City
Did you notice that there are a lot of wide streets in the game, for which, for some strange reason, the traffic goes only in one row, near the dividing line, instead of occupying the entire carriageway? This modification corrects the situation - now...

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