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Money Messages

24 May 2015 GTA Vice City
Attention: the mod also works in GTA III. This modification returns some previously abandoned code found in Grand Theft Auto III, displaying money in the game after the explosion of cars, picking up money, etc., as it is displayed in the old ...

Cheat code for money

11 February 2018 GTA Vice City
This mod adds the code to the game for money, the player is given $ 150,000, very many wanted it, so did it! Cheat - CIVEDIT Installation: File Cheat code for money.cs add to GTA Vice City / CLEO

High Quality Particles Mod

31 December 2010 GTA Vice City
The modification slightly improves the game graphics by replacing the "particle.txd" file, which contains textures for the particle system and is responsible, basically, for the visual effects. After installing the mod in the game, water and sky ...

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