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Conservation after each mission for GTA Long Night

17 May 2013 GTA Vice City
Conservation after each mission for the zombie fashion "GTA Long Night". Personally, I was useful when I was stuck on an impassable mission for me, where I had to shoot a machine gun on a helicopter. Saves are sorted by folders, throw them into the f...

GTA Long Night Reborn

13 October 2018 GTA Vice City
Here comes the new GTA Long Night. Here I tried to do everything I could. Of course, what I promised did not do everything. I did not manage to fix main.scm, and unfortunately the bugs, which were originally left. The problem was all in one miss...

GTA Long Night Zombie City (Automatic Installation)

1 May 2017 GTA Vice City
Could you assume that ever so familiar "GTA: Vice City" could turn into a horrible place filled with crowds of bloodthirsty zombies, and instead of a comfortable car, you will have to make your way to the goal on armored SandKing? Well, now you have ...

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