ORG Patch VC - Texture Patch

30 May 2020 GTA Vice City
-Returns missing textures. That is, eliminates white textures. -Restores the quality of some textures. - Corrects models (one-sided view, transparency, etc.) Read more: Some models are trying to find the right texture, but it is not. Tha...

Vice City Xbox Anniversary mod v2.04

7 August 2012 GTA Vice City
1) Complete conversion from the X version, except for shadows and cutscene hands. + Bonus: Conversion of objects and textures from GTA3. Conversion of Tropic and jetmax boats from San Andreas In some places, textures are improved in 2, and somewh...

Silent Patch 1.1 Build 7

2 March 2018 GTA Vice City
Silent Patch is a modification that solves a large number of problems and restores cut content. Description of what was added to build 7, you can find out in the video. Installation: File SilentPatchVC.asi and the data folder add with repl...

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